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Simple head measurements

Simple measurements

Pre-measured arch lengths for the head, and the built in rulers make measuring easy.

Faster preparation time

Faster prep time

The one-handed grip ability prevents fumbling around with flimsy tape measures and pencils.

Accurately lead placements

Accurate placements

Pre-cut holes identify exactly where to mark for precise node placement.

Consistent lead placements

Consistent outcomes

The durable material allows every tech to perform with the same reliability each time.


Mission: Simply hea measuring
Simplify the approach.

We aim to simplify the approach of head measuring so that each diagnostic procedure that utilizes the full or modified 10-20 system starts with proper lead placements.


The 10-20 Lead Placement System
Consistency & reliability.

We wanted to help address the chronic problem of improper head measuring, or just not measuring, during sleep and EEG procedures. 

Reason: Consistent and reliable head measuring


Easy cleaning, every time.

Keep your patients safe. We made sure to include a smooth surface to make cleaning your tools a breeze for your employees.

Nice and tidy.

Keep your work station looking sharp with our clear support stand. With pre-cut slots for each tool, you'll never be scrambling to find what you need. 

Quick and useful.

Make your night more efficient. Because the tool easily slips on and off the patient's head, you make best use of your time.

Confidence booster.

Whether you are a trainee, or an experienced technologist, you can have complete assurance in your lead placements.